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Gossimer 5.7 Mount Rushmore SD July 2008
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Gabi Pfister rappeling off Dicker's Peck, 6/20/09
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Summit shot! N Star Mtn, 28 Dec 2013

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News & Events

The Boulder Clubroom closed June 30, 2017.
See the article on the closing in the Compass Blog
Brainard Area Ski & Hiking Trail Map
Most up to date trail map available!
Based on member-input GPS!

CMC membership news at Movement Climbing Gym

CMC membership news at Boulder Rock Club

Upcoming Trips

Wednesday 10/25/2017
Social Hike on Wednesdays (SHOW)
Wednesday 11/1/2017
Social Hike on Wednesdays (SHOW)
Wednesday 11/8/2017
Social Hike on Wednesdays (SHOW)
Wednesday 11/15/2017
Social Hike on Wednesdays (SHOW)
Wednesday 11/29/2017
Social Hike on Wednesdays (SHOW)
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The Colorado Mountain Club is the premier hiking club of the Rocky Mountain Region.

We are organized: "To unite the energy, interest and knowledge of the students, explorers and lovers of the mountains of Colorado; to collect and disseminate information regarding the Rocky Mountains in behalf of science, literature, art and recreation; to stimulate public interest in our mountain area; to encourage the preservation of forests, flowers, fauna and natural scenery; and to render accessible alpine attraction of the region."

To find out more about the CMC Boulder Group, we suggest you view the information under the 'Group' and 'Publications' menu items.

There are no strangers in the mountains, only friends you haven't met.

Did You Know

We have a partner finder email list for exchanging email when looking for a partner for unsponsored trips.