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Friday, 7/3/2020, TENTATIVE Father Dyer & Crystal Peak ALTERNATE: Clinton Peak

Exploratory. We will meet at 5:45 AM Saturday morning, West end of the Wooly Mammoth Parking lot, across from the gas station, near the BB sign. Helmet required.Trip Goals: climb safely, have fun, and summit!"Dave Cooper, author of Colorado Scrambles describes this climb as an “an esthetic and enjoyable scramble... a good introduction to the art of scrambling, offering some exposed, but not sustained climbing and even a bit of loose rock to initiate the budding scrambler.”

Leader: Steve Soich
Type: Scramble, Trail mileage: 7.5, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: 3000
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Saturday, 7/4/2020, Gore Range - Gore Creek Recen Graves

6:30 AM departure, be there at TH ( Location:  39°37'39.86"N 106°16'29.14"W ) on time at 6:15 ready to go.  We'll do the intros, the powwow, check with each other and our names, and get on our way to the Recen Graves.  Nice entry level fast paced non-noob, non-outofshape hike.  Bring 10 essentials, sign your waivers, and email the leader with name and contact number so I can call and chat with  you about your skills.  This is not a noob hike.  Level II, fast paced, we'll gain 1000+ feet an hour at least.  Option is to as well go to Gore Lake, we'll talk about that when we hit the Recen graves, time allowing.

Leader: Todd Nathan
Type: Hike, Trail mileage: 9, Pace: Fast, Elevation Gain: 1000
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Saturday, 7/4/2020, William F. Hayden Park

This will be a casual hike to the summit and, possibly, to the radio tower and back to look for good views of the city and fireworks. We will be back to the trailhead by the park's official closing time of 10 pm.

Leader: Roger J. Wendell
Type: Hike, Trail mileage: 4, Pace: Casual, Elevation Gain: 700
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Sunday, 7/5/2020, Roosevelt Lakes - Mt Evans Wilderness

Roosevelt Lakes is a CMC favorite destination.  Usually I lead away from these places but this fits the profile of a good early (for this year) season workout near to Denver because of the drive situation.  I don't expect crowds here but we will encounter other hikers so be prepared to social distance when we meet.  This hike departs Deer Creek TH and climbs steadily on Tanglewood Trail to cross Pegmatite Ridge at 12000', then slowly descends 200' to the small picturesque lakes.   There we eat and perhaps explore, then return the way we came. CMC has special trip protocols this year.  July protocol is here they are summarized nicely at CMC webpage here make sure you have signed a COVID specific wavier (you have to sign this form only once - CMC website does not keep track of who has signed so it keeps asking you to sign - just ignore).

Leader: Grover Cleveland
Type: Hike, Trail mileage: 10, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: 3100
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Friday, 7/10/2020, BPX Backpack Sandbeach Lake Fly Fish & Hike Trip* 3 Day Out and Back

Leader: Brian Burd
Type: Backpack, Trail mileage: 8.8, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: 2020
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Saturday, 7/11/2020, New/Prospective Member Hike Eagles Nest Open Space

The intent of this moderate trip is to give New Members and Prospective Members a feel for how CMC trips work (you will not be exposed to my normal off-trail experience). Note although preference will be given to new and prospective members this hike is also open to exisiting members. To save room at the trailhead we will meet in town and carpool to the trailhead near Livermore. The ride share will be $4 per person.SINCE THIS TRIP HAD TO BE RESCEDULED IT WILL BE PAST WILDFLOWER / EAGLE TIME, but we will still have a great hikeThis trip will be all on trail. From the trailhead we will hike on the Three-Bar trail (as in three lines NOT three drinking establishments) and make our way to the bridge over the North Fork of Cache la Poudre River. Depending on rainfall and weather this section of the trail may have some wildflowers so you may want to bring your wildflower books (I hate to say a lot since people then think it like the mountain pass photos). At the bridge we will look for Golden Eagles (bring binoculars, but don't get your hopes too high I have never seen them). After starring at the cliffs for a while we will decide if we would like to add the Oh-Tee loop to the trip. Without the extra loop the trip is 3 miles with 690 ft gain, with the OT loop the trip becomes 5 miles and 1130 ft gain. In either case we will complete the Three-Bar loop west side and return to the parking lot. Note I have seen Long Horns on this section of the trail in the past  (which can be exciting)....... but not always.After the hike we can go to "The Forks" for brunch if the group would like. Note I will ask folks ahead of time if they want to go to The Forks and try to arrange carpools so that people that want to go directly back to the "in-town" meeting location can while the rest of us have brunch (? It's Just Brunch?). I like to get together after because it is a good opportunity for participants to socialize a bit and ask any questions they have about the Northern Colorado CMC Group (the group formally known as Fort Collins). 

Leader: Bill Trout
Type: Hike, Trail mileage: 5, Pace: Casual, Elevation Gain: 1130
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Saturday, 7/11/2020, BPX Backpack: Commanche Venable Lakes - Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Area- 2 Day Loop


Leader: Kevin Galliers
Type: Backpack, Trail mileage: 12, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: 3884
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Saturday, 7/11/2020, Sentinel Point, 12,527

This will be a loop hike starting at the trailhead on CO Hwy 67.  We will go up the trail for about 1 mile and then north onto the Ring-the-Peak Trail.  We will follow this up to the north slope of Sentinel Point.  We will then go off trail and hike south on steep slopes up to the summit.  There are a few big boulders to negotiate near the summit, but that section is optional.  From the highpoint we will continue south following the south ridge until we get close to treeline.  We will then turn west and drop steeply off trail to Horsethief Falls.  From there we will pick up a trail and follow it back to the trailhead.

Leader: Mark Silas
Type: Hike, Trail mileage: 7.5, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: 2,800
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Sunday, 7/12/2020, MTB & Rock Climb (5.4 to 5.8) - Staunton State Park

This class is intended as a bonus rock day for current ACS/BMS students but will open up to other members if there's space. Email leader for passcode.Meeting Time:  7:00 amMeeting Place: Twin Forks PNRWe will hike or mountain bike 2.5 miles on Staunton Ranch Trail to the climbing area. Plan to climb from 8:00 am to 1:00pm and then possibly some more mountain biking. Climbing will be top rope. Leaders will setup routes within range of 5.4 - 5.8.We will split up into two groups from the trailhead: hikers and mountiain bikes. There's a bike corral at the climbing crag.Participants must have completed the following:-Basic Climbing-BMS/ACS (or current student)- or similar CMC school.

Leader: Sheryl Lampert
Type: Rock Climbing, Trail mileage: 4
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Sunday, 7/12/2020, Gray Copper Trail, Ouray

Note that this trip is >5 hour drive from Denver.

Leader: Brenda Leach
Type: Hike, Trail mileage: 4.7, Elevation Gain: 1,508
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Friday, 7/17/2020, BPX Backpack Baker Gulch/Bowen Gulch/Never Summer Wilderness Area - 3 Day Loop [OPEN FOR BUSINESS!]

A spectacular loop to two scenic lakes and on top of the Continental Divide in the Never Summer Wilderness.

Leader: Uwe Sartori
Type: Backpack, Trail mileage: 19, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: 4800
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Friday, 7/17/2020, Mt. Sniktau (13,284') and Mt. Cupid (13,114') *

We will start at Loveland Pass (11,990').  From Loveland Pass, we will head east, along the Continental Divide, up to an unnamed peak (12,915'). From there we will head north, over another unnamed peak (elevation 13,152') to Mt. Sniktau (Elevation 13,284').  From Mt. Sniktau, we will return south to the unnamed peak (elevation 13,152'), then continue further south along the Continental Divide to Mt. Cupid (Elevation 13,117').  From Mt. Cupid, we will return to Loveland Pass.There are are beautiful views all around from the ridges and peaks on this hike. 

Leader: Jeff Stevens
Type: Hike, Trail mileage: 5.5, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: 2200
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Friday, 7/17/2020, Half Peak - 13,841 feet Backpack and hike- Class 2 scrambling

We will meet at the Hampden & Wadsworth park and ride at 7:00 amWe'll carpool down to Lake City and to the Cataract Gulch Trailhead. We'll backpack in 4 miles to Cataract Lake and camp.We'll get up the next morning and climb Half Peak and return to camp. Depending on when we get back to camp we'll either backpack out on Saturday and drive home or spend another night at camp and come home Sunday.There is class 2 scrambling to get to the summit. Please read some trip reports on for route descriptions.

Leader: Bruce Badger
Type: Backpack, Trail mileage: 12.6, Pace: Casual, Elevation Gain: 4241
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Saturday, 7/18/2020, Hazels Cone (9,133 Feet)and Oldman Mountain (8,310 Feet)

Hazels Cone (9,133 feet)  and Oldman Mountain (8,310 feet)Join me on an adventure of scrambling up “The New Lady” and “The Old Man”!Until 2017 it had been decades since the USGS officially named another peak in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Then, Hazels Cone, a rocky, low summit north of Horseshoe Park, was designated with a name that is now used on USGS and other maps.  It is the 127th officially Named Peak in this national park. The story of how this happened is an interesting one that you can research on line.  But I will also relate it as we hike to the base of the peak and then make an easy scramble (Class 3) to its top.  There, we will enjoy fine views of the great mountains along the Continental Divide to the west and south before we descend from this “new lady” to our vehicles.  We will then caravan to the small parking area just south of Oldman Mountain.  This is a peak in NW Estes Park that some of you have probably driven by on numerous occasions as you’ve visited places in RMNP but perhaps have not really noticed or thought about.  It hasn’t been particularly popular as a destination because it is not quite in the Park, but it certainly deserves your attention! This “old man” has a very interesting summit, and entails a nice, short Class 3 scramble in order to reach its top.  We’ll plan to have lunch on the summit while enjoying marvelous views of Estes Park, Mount Olympus, Estes Lake, Lumpy Ridge, Beaver Mountain, Deer Ridge and Longs Peak and its neighbors.

Leader: Steve Martin
Type: Scramble, Trail mileage: 2, Pace: Casual, Elevation Gain: 600 feet; 500 feet
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Saturday, 7/18/2020, Bluebird Lake RMNP

Please add to more items to your ten essentials- hand sanitizer and a mask. All participants must take there temperature 24 hours prior to the trip. There is an updated CMC waiver that must be signed as well before the hike, This can be signed online  (no paper copy for the waiver). Go to the CMC website. I saw it was on their first page.

Leader: Amy Parker
Type: Hike, Trail mileage: 12.6, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: 2,478
see official page

Saturday, 7/18/2020, Mountain Bike Rogers Pass & Idlewild Trails

Come do some high elevation mountain biking adventure in Winter Park.  We’ll ride from hideaway park in downtown Winter Park and up Yankee Doodle.  At the end of Upper Yankee Doodle, we’ll ride 7.5 miles up the Rollins pass road.  At 11,136’ we’ll peel off of the rollins pass road and go on our final push up Rogers Pass to the Continental divide at 11,900’.  On our return, we’ll come back down the Rogers Pass trail and will begin descending the Rollins Pass road to 10,291’ where we’ll leave the road and have a flying descent down Winter Park classics- Broken Thumb and Twisted Ankle.  From the bottom of Twisted Ankle we’ll weave our way through the trails closer to town and ultimately back to the cars.

Leader: Gregory McVie
Type: Bike, Trail mileage: 30, Elevation Gain: 3900'
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Sunday, 7/19/2020, ROOSEVELT LAKES

  This hike begins at the Tanglewood Creek trail head and gradually climbs N to NW to a saddle along Pegmatite ridge. The bulk of the elevation gain is  over the first 3 ½ miles, so expect some tough steep sections. From the saddle, we’ll then descend approximately 300’ in 1 mile to Roosevelt Lakes . Our return trip involves 300’ of character building elevation gain, It might be a good idea if the group has lunch on the saddle near Pegmatite Points.  Who wants a full stomach climbing 300 feet at treeline? Peaks in the area are Bandit, Royal Mountain and Rosalie.

Leader: Carol Bennett
Type: Hike, Trail mileage: 10, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: 3200
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Friday, 7/24/2020, Fly Fishing Crested Butte-July 24-26

We will be fishing the Gunnison, Easter, Spring and Taylor rivers in the Crested Butte area.There are rooms available with queen size beds at Cristiania Guesthaus in Crested Butte.You can also stay at one of the many Airbnb locations around town.If you prefer to camp, there are several campsites along the Taylor river (25+ miles away from Crested Butte) and the East river (closer to town). The campsites are first come first serve. The trip leader will stay in one of those campgrounds but the meeting place will be Cristiania Guesthaus.The registrants need to advise the trip leader of arrangements including dates.Each registrant is responsible for making their own reservations and for paying for their own accommodations. If you are bringing a guest please let the leader know. All guests must sign a CMC waiver. No guest will be placed on the roster without signing a waiver.On the mornings of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the group will meet at the Cristiania Guesthaus Inn at 8 AM to pick fishing locations, make transportation arrangements and dinner plans for the evenings of Friday and Saturday.All participants must be ready to leave every morning at 8AM.Fishing and dinner plans are on your own on Thursday if you get there earlier.This trip starts Friday July 24 at 8AM and ends on Sunday July 26 at 8AM.You can keep fishing Sunday after breakfast but be aware that you will be on your own. The trip officially ends after breakfast.More details will be sent to participants once the sign up process is closed.To sign up for this trip:-Let the trip leader know that you want to be in this trip so that the trip leader can reserve your spot. DO NOT make a hotel reservation if the trip leader didn't confirm with you that there is a spot open for you in this trip. There might be other members ahead of you on the wait list. After the trip leader confirmed with you that there is a spot reserved for you on this trip, your spot will be held for 72 hours.-Make your hotel reservation or Airbnb reservation at this point.-IMPORTANT: If you don't email your reservation to the trip leader within 72 hours since the trip leader reserved your spot, your spot will be released to the next member on the wait list.-Once your reservation is received the trip leader will add your name to the roster and will let you know that your spot is secured.***DO NOT CONTACT THE CMC OFFICE TO SIGN UP FOR THIS TRIP-ONLY THE TRIP LEADER HAS THE CONTROL TO REGISTER MEMBERS ON TRIPS***

Leader: Pablo Balan
Type: Fishing, Elevation Gain: 100
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Saturday, 7/25/2020, EXPLORATORY HIKE: Mount Huron OPTION A: Mount Yale OPTION B: La Plata Peak

From the trailhead, hike up through the forest for nearly 1/2 mile. Cross a small stream and ascend a bunch of switchbacks on a steep hillside. Near 11,700, there's an excellent view of The Three Apostles, which includes 13er Ice Mountain. Near 11,900, swing east as you approach a high basin, northwest of the summit. exit the trees to reach the west side of the basin and continue east to its center, near 12,300. Hike out of the basin and onto Huron's upper slopes. Zig zag up to the crest of the north ridge, 1/4 mile and 550 feet below the summit. Follow the trail west onto Huron's northwest face and ascend a steep, rocky pitch. The terrain between 13,700' and 13,900' is the crux of the route and we may encounter trail erosion and multiple trail segments. Continue to the summit. 

Leader: Terry Ploski
Type: Hike, Trail mileage: 11, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: 3800
see official page

Saturday, 7/25/2020, BPX Backpack - Brady Lake/Holy Cross Wilderness Area - 2 Day Out & Back Holy Cross Wilderness Area

Description: Trek up to Brady Lake near Homestake Reservoir in the Holy Cross Wilderness. Enjoy great scenery and fishing.Itinerary:Day 1: Drive to Sopris Lake Trail Head. Hike on Sopris Lake Trail (#2132) to Brady Lake. Set up camp near the lake then relax and explore the area. (approx.1.5 miles/900 feet)Day 2: Break camp and hike back to trail head. (1.5 miles/0’)

Leader: Steve Wolf
Type: Backpack, Trail mileage: 3, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: 900
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Friday, 7/31/2020, BPX Backpack: Fall Crk Pass to Cross Crk - Holy Cross Wilderness Area - 3 Day Shuttle Holy Cross Wilderness Area

Description: Hike into the Holy Cross Wilderness on one of Colorado’s great hikes. Traverse two glacial valleys and climb over three passes, including Fall Creek Pass, which Fielder calls one of the most beautiful in Colorado. Visit spectacular lakes, and visit the Holy Cross City ghost town.Itinerary:Day 1 - Hike along the Fall Lake Trail climbing past Lake Constantine to Fall Creek Pass and finally make camp at Hunky Dory Lake. (9 miles/2,300’)Day 2 - Hike to Holy Cross City, then Fancy Lake, Fancy Pass and down the Cross Creek Trail to Harvey Lake. Camp near Harvey Lake. (8 miles/1,500’). Day 3 - Hike down the Cross Creek Trail back to the trailhead (12 miles/700’). General Requirements: It is possible to camp near the trailhead the night before. Please advise if you are interested in this option. A shuttle will need to be established with cars at the starting at the Fall Creek Trailhead and finishing at the Cross Creek Trailhead. The trailheads are approximately five driving miles apart. 

Leader: Steve Norman
Type: Backpack, Trail mileage: 29, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: 4500
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