Colorado's population is increasing, and so is our impact on what wilderness remains. At the same time, the agencies we have relied upon to manage our impact are often short of funds and staff to do what needs to be done. Fortunately, volunteerism is on the rise in the country, especially in Colorado. Who has not been impressed already by the help and support that emerges in a national crisis?

Any wilderness lover with some spare time should consider volunteering for one of the many organizations that promote proper stewardship of the outdoors. The CMC is one of them. Volunteering feels good and helps people. People who volunteer for CMC projects meet friends and help the wild lands last a little longer.

Volunteer opportunities abound in the CMC. Volunteers carry out every function of the Boulder Group. If you love the mountains and want to give something back, if you want to meet new friends and kindred spirits, please consider volunteering for one of the many, diverse activities of the Boulder Group.

If you would like to check on where help is needed, phone the Clubroom, 303-554-7688, or contact the Group chairperson who is listed on the information page, or click here for a listing of current opportunities.