Colorado Mountain Club - Boulder Group Biographies

Member Name:
Carrie Simon

I have been a CMC member:
8 years

My current position with the CMC is working as a:
Council Member, Volunteer

To the right is my photo:
Third Flatiron with Gary Neptune

The volunteer work I have done for the CMC is as follows:
I am the marketing and new member chair. I help with BRS and conservation. I am currently taking leadership training and this summer I will be in RLS. I plan to be a trip leader for a varity of activites with CMC.

My favorite CMC experience was:
The BRS graduation climb; we had several people in front of us; which meant that we spent a lot of time waiting/hanging from the rock. The trip ended at the parking lot around midnight. It is one of those lasting cherished memories of climbing, meeting new friends, and just plain awesomeness!

I believe CMC's role in our community is:
To protect the natural environment that we live in. Safety is key To teach To learn To have fun

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