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Saturday, 9/26/2020, Lumpy Ridge! Rocky Mountain National Park

One of the most popular loops in Estes Park, this loop passes through open meadows and wooded areas, all while giving the runner stunning views of unique local geology. With one steep ascent, and rolling trail after that, any trail user is sure to feel the burn on this loop. We will be doing this loop clockwise, so we'll start out heading towards the Black Canyon Trail. We will take the Lumpy Ridge Trail to start, and then branch to the left at the first junction. 
The Black Canyon Trail starts on a gentle descent, so take your time getting warmed up. This section passes through open grasslands, so there are plenty of unobstructed views. Take in the scenery, and enjoy Estes Park's unique geology as you start to ascend to your next trail junction. At this junction, take a right-hand turn onto the Dark Mountain Trail, which will connect you to the Cow Creek Trail. Once on Cow Creek, you'll be following the trail's namesake creek. Bridal Veil Falls is located at the top of the creek, and the view is worth the detour if we're up for the extra mileage (will be discussed with group during hike)!Once you're ready to continue on to the Gem Lake Trail, take another right at the junction with the Cow Creek Trail. You'll want to save a little bit of energy for the end, as this trail travels through rugged outcroppings. The travel will be mostly downhill from there. Watch your footing!

Leader: Kahle Toothill
Type: Hike, Trail mileage: 11, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: 2475
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